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Kathleen Yore - Whiskers First

Working with new people in new places makes me happy so please do get in touch.


To read more about what I am currently exploring through my blog as well as full collaborater information for Odd Doll please visit the below website.


I love directing creative projects. Helping artists to realise their vision or to make my own imagination a reality. I enjoy a light, playful and collaborative approach; having fun with and bringing the best out of my team. I thrive off finding the joy and unique talent in each person, encouraging and challenging.

I have over a decade of experience, guiding projects through research and development, designing, building, workshoping, rehearsing and finally performance. I am meticulously organised and well practiced in managing the communications between large teams of collaboraters.


Styles of work I am particularly passionate about are puppetry; detailed choreography that tells the story, the thought and emotional process. Clown, mask and character; being an idiot, physicalising intention and connecting with an audience. Design; working with animation, the power of objects, set and costume. Original music and song composition alongside choreography. I love imaginary worlds, unusual stories and surprises. Stuff that takes a very long time to make and is full of passion. I work in both indoor or outdoor environments.


Commissioned by Cast in Doncaster and supported by Arts Council England.

Performing: Cast (Dec 2019) Chats Palace London (Dec 2020)


Whiskers first Winter is a celebration of the natural world in wintertime. It captures that feeling you get when you see something beautiful for the first time. That sense of awe and peace you get when you look across at the mountains, or when you see the snow fall in silence through the trees, or when you understand how endless the night sky is. It is incredibly cute and playful. Whisker is a baby, like many of our audience members; getting things wrong, feeling afraid, wanting to play and explore. Whisker meets many other characters on the journey and they are so different! Discovering how we fit into the world around us and where we belong is part of what we all have to go through, so this is a show about how we experience and become apart of it.


A magical first theatre experience for children aged 2-6. A non - language performance using playful puppetry, beautiful animation and original composition.

''Charm'' applies in every sense to Whiskers first Winter'


Phil Penfold, Yorkshire Post



A collaboration between Alphabetti Theatre and Circus Central Newcastle.

Performed: R&D Feb 2020. Full production TBC 2021


A brand new circus musical in development written by Rosie Bristow and Kerrin Tatman. Fusing an original score, visual theatre and environmental adventure story. The initial sharing supported by Arts Council England focussed on a full performance showcase of the script and music. Large cast of multi skilled professional actors, circus artists and musicians. Squid built by Judith Hope. Watch this space!


Supported by Arts Council England.

Performing: Touring ongoing since 2018 (See dates)

Odd Doll take a trip to the seaside, where there find more than they bargained for. The only other inhabitant of the dilapidated pier is a rather sinister ice cream man. And he’s got some very strange stories to tell...

His mind-boggling collection of hysterical horrors include ‘Evil Seagul’, ‘Zombie Donkeys’, and ‘Bingo Hairballs’. Stuffed with fun frights and ice cream chills, Seaside Terror is a celebration of the British horror and British holidays of the 1970s.


Funny, nostalgic and visually stunning, Odd Doll use their trademark brew of puppetry, mask and specially composed music to fill the stage with nerve-shattering shocks.

Suitable for ages 12+

'Dextrous, inventive and impressive'

Always time for theatre

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