DATES 2021

Due to COVID19 all touring has been cancelled. In the meantime you can access online masterclasses, storytelling and art. 
Sat 26th June - Sat 24th July 2021
Puppetry Making Masterclass
Moving Parts - Newcastle Puppetry Festival

Develop your own unique style of sculpting a puppet head in clay, then create a one or two part plaster mould, before casting into latex or worbla. Explore operating methods for a movable mouth through lip sync or rod mechanisms then build in your extras; hair, teeth, eyes, horns etc. Finally, get inspired by different painting and finishing techniques.

Observe live, detailed demonstrations, then complete each stage at home, in your own time between classes. You can also join our online community group for communicating progress or asking questions. At the end of the course we will have a sharing so that we can enjoy your wonderful creations.

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Making masterclass available now!
Pocket Faery Tales
Beverley Puppetry Festival
My free online hand puppet masterclass using materials around the house
- make your own clay
- conceptualise characters and narratives
- puppet costume ideas
- sculpt faces
- create beautiful eyes, teeth and hair
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Storytelling available now!
Pirate Bonnie
Fidget Theatre

Bonnie is a girl with fire in her belly. A fire fuelled by the tall tales about legendary pirates and their swashbuckling adventures. Pirates who voyage to lands over the horizon with questions to be answered and treasures to be found...

Bonnie invites you to step on board, feel the rush of wind in the sails as she recounts the tales and sings to songs of pirates old!

A swashbuckling adventure for 3- 7 year olds

Ceramic installation available now!
Garden Stories
Huddersfield indoor market
In collaboration with Ammie Flaxen
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A lockdown commission thanks to Beam Arts and Kirklees Council. Presented in Dewsbury and Huddersfield city centre. Now showing in Huddersfield indoor market. Hundreds of ceramic flowers to bring us joy during lock down and to commemorate our individual connection and memory to the outdoors.

Sun 18th July 2021 - 3pm - 7pm
Puppetry for the joy of it!
Slung Low Community College, Leeds

After a difficult year, this workshop is all about coming together to relax, play, and dive into your imagination. Puppetry is truly magic and utterly bonkers! It captivates audience’s imaginations by allowing ordinary things come alive and tell a story. This workshop is designed to inspire and invigorate you, give you the tools to explore ways of using puppetry in your work or purely for therapeutic, playful purposes.


We will learn manipulation techniques and allow everyday materials and objects such as paper and plastic express themes that create powerful atmospheres. We will study the symbolic meaning behind the objects we choose and give them a voice. You will then practice the art of table-top choreograhy, asking how our audience interpret narrative and find escapism through this beautiful artform.

Actor, Director and Maker

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