I offer one off workshops or full training modules to fellow theatre artists, community groups or professional education establishments. All materials provided.








Places I teach at...

University Centre Leeds, Guildhall school of music and drama, Ripon st John University, Doncaster College, Fidget Theatre, Mind the Gap, Harrogate Theatre Royal, Cast, Scrap Creative, Slung Low

- What is puppetry? An overview of forms, history and resources

- Introduction to the principles of manipulation and exploring the shift between abstract and anthropomorphic movement

- Being creative with materials to develop atmosphere and story.

- Object symbolism and uses; exploring our changing energy and ways of devising with them

- Object movement and character development

- Table-top puppetry. Developing a movement catalogue and non-language based narrative. Connecting with your audience, improvisation and choreography methods for working in duo.

- Bunraku, 2 or 3 puppeteer puppets. Working from our own bodies to understand the intricacies of human movement, dance creation and physicalising monologue.

- Lip sync. Developing characters, on or off screen to share meaningful stories we become absorbed by.

- Hand puppetry. How expressive are our hands? Limited only by our imagination we will explore design and movement possibilities.

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