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Devised and scripted

Adults, children and families

Experienced solo, small cast or large ensemble collaborator

Theatre, rural touring or outdoor gigs

Specialist skills in multi-rolling, accents, physical theatre, clown, mask, puppetry, interactive storytelling, improvisation, singer, song writer and player of piano accordion


Pirate Bonnie, Fidget Theatre, Leeds, Spring 2020

Solo show, multi character, singer and instrumentalist


Utopias: Lost and Found, Aber Dabei, Denmark July, Aug & Sept 2019

Devisor, Performer, singer, puppeteer and musician.       


Mother Courage and her children, Red Ladder, Leeds, 2018


Yvette: Prostitute in her 30s, Eastern European accent, singer and accordion player

The General: Grotesque mask, fat suit, very well spoken with a growl.


Wrong un (one women musical) Red Ladder, UK tour, 2017 – ongoing


Annie Wilde: Lancashire suffragette and mill worker, songs acapella.

Male characters: Strict school master, rude mill owner, cockney policeman, Glaswegian prison governor, well spoken politician, elderly deranged court judge


Seaside Terror, Odd Doll, UK tour, 2016 - ongoing

Director and Puppeteer:

Ice-cream man: mask, fat suit, Cornish.

Various characters and voices: rough Yorkshire man, old Kentish lady, posh

Artist and monster.


Christmas crackers, Alive and Kicking, Leeds, 2016 – 2018 ( 3 years of shows)

Composer, musician and performer

Scary fairy: Yorkshire accent, comedy, interactive storytelling for families


Tales with Grandad, Pickled Image, Bristol and Doncaster, 2017

Puppeteer various characters: Tomten small cheeky Yorkshire rod puppet, Troll Grandma, full bodied puppet with Cornish accent, mad duck rod puppet very wellspoken.


Submercycle, Bee Cart and Action Painting, Pif Paf, Sheffield, 2017- ongoing

Physical street improvisation for various productions.


The Worried Walrus, Red Rust and The Trick

Previous Odd Doll touring shows, 2012 – 2015

Maker, director, puppeteer and performer.


Giggle Doctor, Theodora Children’s Charity, UK hospitals, 2009-ongoing

Trained performer and improviser for children in hospitals around Yorkshire.  

Specialising in physical comedy, clown, imagination play, storytelling, music and manipulation.


10 years with Theodora Children's Charity in UK Hospitals 


For 10 years I have worked as a giggle doctor for Theodora Children’s charity in UK hospitals. This is a huge passion of mine, one that I find hugely rewarding and spend most of my time doing.


When I enter the ward as Dr Nic Nac I am something very different; something the children have never seen before, perhaps I don’t speak their language, perhaps they are not well enough to play how they would normally like to, it doesn’t matter because I am there to remind them that a giggle, playing together and a little stupidity can be enjoyed even in the most serious of moments. Taking the time to connect with each child individually, adjusting my energy and style, exploring through expression, touch and sound is a great challenge. Sometimes I sing, make up stories, do a ridiculous dance or find absurd play in everyday objects, but the important thing is that I become a friend, someone in their world who they can relax, be wildly creative and playful with. In that moment they can forget any difficulties and feel safe to express. This is when I feel happiest, when I make other people feel like this. It is the most important gift I can give.


With each connection made, through all the sadness and loss, I know the memories we created together will forever make our hearts smile.


I am constantly reminded that being a giggle doctor is an incredibly personal thing. It is about an unselfish desire to love and connect with those around us who need it most. It is not for applause or recognition, it is, very often an unnoticed thing; unique moments made everyday for the children who receive them.  As giggle doctors we are never fully able to witness the long term impact of our visits. It is only when a child refuses to stop following you or a parent thanks you sincerely for changing their day or when members of staff find their spirits lifted when you enter and tell you how happy everyone was last time you visited do you realize that you are doing a good job. Being a giggle doctor has defined who I am in life and how I am around others I could never want be anything else!

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